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Optimizing the overall performance of the concentrator

Enhance underflow conditions with detailed monitoring of solids concentration

Thickening is the separation of suspended particles from a liquid by gravity settling. As the mineral slurry feed stream enters the thickener through the center feed well, the solids settle to the bottom. Flocculent is dosed according to bed mass to facilitate agglomeration and maintain a higher settling velocity than that of the up flowing fluid. Clarified liquid overflows at the tank top and settled solids (underflow) are removed from the shallow cone bottom from a rotating rake.

Increased plant safety and energy efficiency

Bed mass inventory is inferred from a pressure measurement in the cone or tank outlet. This controls the underflow pump speed. It is best measured using a pressure sensor with a ceramic diaphragm since the solids particle mass is generally very abrasive. This measurement records the pressure of the sludge and liquid column that is present.

Preferred instrumentation

  • Cerabar S PMC71 pressure gauge with abrasion resistant ceramic membrane

  • Retractable assembly No.: 71166841: The special fitting with a shut-off valve means that the pressure sensor can be removed

  • During thickener operation and ensures the pressure signal is recorded directly in the sludge

Benefits of the measuring point

  • High level of abrasion and erosion resistance thanks to the ceramic sensor

  • Sensors with metal diaphragms have to be replaced five times more often than a ceramic version

  • Integrated HistoROM memory chip stores and transfers instrument setup information, measured process data and safety critical process data

  • Optionally integrated overvoltage protection against electrical spikes and lightning strikes

  • Detailed monitoring of solids concentration with Cerabar M and retractable cleaning assembly. ©Endress+Hauser



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