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Proline Promass Q for challenging applications

Coriolis flowmeter with superior accuracy for flow and density measurement

Whether in custody transfer applications or when meeting stringent product quality requirements – superior measuring accuracy is essential. Historically, high accuracy levels were only achievable under ideal circumstances, meaning stable process conditions and true single-phase homogeneous fluids. In the real world, however, these ideal conditions don’t often exist. The Promass Q Coriolis flowmeter has been developed exactly for such applications in the oil & gas as well as in the food industry.


  • Exceptional density measurement performance.

  • Widest useable flow range on the market.

  • Excellent performance for liquids containing suspended bubbles or microbubbles thanks to the patented Multi-Frequency Technology.

  • Superior repeatability, e.g. for custody transfer and meter proving.

  • Lowest sensitivity to changing process pressure/temperature on the market.

  • Smaller and lighter than competing devices.

Promass Q guarantees unmatched accuracy for mass flow, volume flow and density determination – also under frequently changing process conditions:

  • Highest accuracy and repeatability for custody transfer in mass or volume units, e.g. in the oil and gas industry

  • Highly accurate fluid density and concentration determination serving as a product quality indicator, e.g. in the food industry


Transmitter technology for seamless system integration

Promass 300/500 makes no compromises in performance and accuracy. Digital signal processing starts right at the intelligent sensor and is the base for a truly multivariable device. Mass/volume flow, density and temperature can be measured with one single sensor. With its variety of digital protocols (EtherNet/IP, Modbus RS485, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, FF, HART, WirelessHart) as well as freely configurable analog outputs, Promass Q fulfills all expectation for a seamless system integration.

Heartbeat Technology – feeling the pulse of your process

The on-board diagnostics and Heartbeat Technology ensure maximum product and process safety. Sensor, measuring tubes and electronic can be verified without process interruption. In the case of a sensor or electronic problem, real text remedy instructions are provided.
The data handling concept (HistoROM) makes the exchange of spare parts easy and reduces the downtime. Calibration data and transmitter parameters are stored and automatically reloaded after a maintenance event.


Wireless access to all device data

The Proline 300 dual chamber housing eliminates the need to open the electronics housing during commissioning. For parameter changes or troubleshooting the web server allows the user to connect with the device with a standard laptop computer either via cable or wirelessly with any WLAN enabled device without any additional tools or software. Additionally a fully graphical display with touch control HMI, either built-in or remote is available for full field access.

Multi-Frequency Technology – for fluids with entrained gas

Measurement errors, no matter whether they are due to desired or unintentional air entrainment are now a thing of the past. Promass Q with its revolutionary “Multi-Frequency Technology“ (MFT) allows a real-time and active compensation of measuring errors due to fluids containing suspended bubbles or even microbubbles.

The MFT allows an accurate measurement of various gas entrained fluids such as:

  • Ice cream, cream cheese, milk, honey, jam, etc.

  • Viscous heavy crudes, gas-saturated fluids, etc.

Promass Q - The flow specialist for the exact measurement of liquids with entrained gas

Screenshot photo of: Attestation TÜV ©Endress+Hauser

Heartbeat Technology (TÜV inspected): reliable device verification without process interruption

Proline Promass Q 300 - Coriolis flowmeter ©Endress+Hauser

Proline Promass Q 300 - Coriolis flowmeter (compact version)

Proline Promass Q 500 - Coriolis flowmeter ©Endress+Hauser

Proline Promass Q 500 - Coriolis flowmeter (remote version)