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Smart scale energy solutions for waste water treatment

Optimize energy consumption and don’t flush money away

Operators and owner of waste water treatment plants are under increasing pressure to provide reliable and save performance at level or decreasing costs. Especially the increasing costs for energy concern the plant operators. Typically treatment plants have a high potential for energy savings. Precondition for effective measures is the knowledge about the process characteristics of the individual plant sections.

Aeration efficiency

In many plants 50 % of the electricity consumption is used to run the aeration system.
Apart from that, blower efficiency is typically unknown. Monitoring of pressure drop, air flow and power consumption allows you to evaluate

  • Blower performance

  • Pollution of aeration elements and required cleaning indicated by alarm

  • Success of the aeration control strategy.

Pump efficiency

Pumps are often oversized or operate not at their ideal point of operation. KPI benchmarking based on electricity consumption, flow and pressure is useful to discover weak performance and maintain pumps in-time.

Electricity production

An increase of electricity production is mostly easier to achieve and less expensive than electricity savings measures. KPIs like gas to COD ratio or electrical and thermal efficiency of CHPs are essential parameters for optimizing and verification of electricity production or quantifying effects of co-fermentation. In this context it has to be pointed out that it is necessary to focus not only on single processes but to monitor the whole system so that interaction effects can be discovered.

Individual analysis required

The transparent energy data are the key for meaningful energy management of treatment plants and useful for operators and decision makers or public authorities.
Define the right KPIs which help you to evaluate:

  • Plant performance

  • Pump efficiency

  • Aeration performance

  • Specific energy consumption

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