Point level detection
Solicap FTI55

Solicap FTI55 build-up compensation ©Endress+Hauser
Solicap FTI55 inactive length ©Endress+Hauser
Solicap FTI55 separate housing ©Endress+Hauser
Solicap FTI55 ©Endress+Hauser

Capacitance point level detection with active build-up compensation

Point level detection for fine-grained to coarse-grained bulk solids

Solicap FTI55 is a fully/partly insulated and robust rod probe for point level detection of fine-grained to coarse-grained bulk solids. It offers maximum reliability due to its active build-up compensation and is suited for a wide range of applications thanks to numerous certificates and approvals. Due to its robust construction, it can also be used to provide accurate measurements in applications with very high lateral loads up to 300Nm.

  • Voordelen

    • Highest safety and reliability due to robust design for demanding process conditions

    • Cost savings thanks to easy and fast commissioning as calibration is performed at the press of a button

    • Universal application thanks to wide range of certificates and...

  • Toepassingsgebied

    For applications with very high lateral loads up to 300Nm. Fieldgate and Solicap represent a solution for material provisioning and logistical optimization (inventory control)

    • Process connections: Flanges and threads

    • Measurement range: 200 to 4,000mm (4...

Kenmerken en specificaties



  • Meetprincipe

    Capacitive Solid

  • Characteristic / Application

    Fully / partly isulated rod probe for small-grain / large-grain bulk solids
    Simple calibration
    Suitable for abrasive media
    Very robust probe

  • Specialities

    Inactive length

    Active build-up compensation

    High lateral loading

    Extremely robust probe

  • Supply / Communication

    19 ... 253V AC
    10 ... 55V DC-PNP
    19...253V AC bzw 10...55V DC
    8/16mA, 11 ... 36V DC

  • Ambient temperature

    -50°C ... 70°C
    (-58°F ... 158°F)

  • Process temperature

    -50°C ... 180°C
    (-58°F ... 356°F)

  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    Vacuum ... 25 bar
    (Vacuum ... 362 psi)

  • Main wetted parts

    PE, PPS, 316L, Steel

  • Process connection

    Thread R1 1/2, NPT1 1/2

    Flanges from DN50.../ASME 2".../JIS...

  • Sensor length

    0.2m ... 4m
    (8" ... 157")

    Inactive length: 0.1m ...1m

    (2" ... 39")

  • Communication

    2- wire 19-253 VAC

    DC PNP
    Relais DPDT
    8/16 mA

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Safety approvals


  • Design approvals

    EN 10204-3.1

  • Components

    PFM: FTC325, FTC625, FTC470Z, FTC471Z
    3-wire: FTC325

  • Application limits

    DK min 2

Documenten / handleidingen / software

Accessoires / Spare parts

Order code
  • 20
    • Nr 20 Order code 52002698

      Deksel voor alu. F13 behuizing

      Alu deksel met O-ring EPDM voor F13 huis

    • Nr 20 Order code 52002699

      Deksel voor alu. F17 behuizing

      Met EPDM O-ring t.b.v. aluminium F17 behuizing

    • Nr 20 Order code 52006903

      Cover T13 Alu, gasket EPDM

      O-ring EPDM. Gebruik: Behuizing T13 Aluminium.

    • Nr 20 Order code 52025606

      Deksel F16, grijs, PBTP, incl. O-ring

      Pakking EPDM. Gebruik: behuizing F16 Polyester, FMI21, FMI51/FMI52, FMU30, FTI51/FTI52/ FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTL50/FTL51/FTL51C/ FTL51H, FTL70/FTL71, FTL80/FTL81/FTL85, FTW31/FTW32.

    • Nr 20 Order code 52027000

      Deksel voor 316L F15 behuizing

      Met dichtring 67,5x2,9x1,5, VMQ/PTFE voor RVS behuizing F15

  • 25
    • Nr 25 Order code 52007103

      Cover T13 "Terminal" Alu, gasket EPDM

      O-ring EPDM. Gebruik: Terminal compartiment, Behuizing T13 Aluminium.

  • 21
    • Order code 71084478

      Cable F15/F16/F17 separate, FTIxx

      Aansluitingssensor> aparte behuizing. Lengte: 6m. Behuizing adapter, kabelgoot. Gebruik: aparte huisvesting, Liquicap M FTI51/52, Solicap M FTI55/56, Solicap S FTI77.

    • Order code 71040497

      Zonnekap F13/F17/F18

      Zonnekap voor F13/F17/F18 behuizing zoals gebruikt bij Soliphant M, Soliphant T, Liquiphant M, Liquiphant S, Solicap M, Liquicap M, Cerabar M

    • Order code 919806-1000

      Mounting set (2"/pipe 38_V4A

      Usage: FMI51/FMI52, FTG20, FTI55/FTI56, FTI77, FTM50/FTM51/FTM52.

  • 30