iTHERM ModuLine TM121

Product picture of Thermometer with RTD or TC insert TM121 ©Endress+Hauser

Thermometer with RTD or TC insert complete with manufactured thermowell produced from pipe material

RTD or TC assembly characterized by basic sensor technology, application in non-hazardous areas, standard extension neck, low-cost unit. The devices are available with optional Bluetooth®-enabled head transmitters with 4 to 20 mA output or HART® communication, providing enhanced measurement accuracy and reliability compared to directly wired sensors.

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  • Voordelen

    • Economical, reliable measurement

    • User-friendly from product selection to maintenance

    • Wide range of process connections

    • Easy and safe device setup and service using Bluetooth® communication

  • Toepassingsgebied

    • Universal range of application

    • Application in non-hazardous areas

    • Measuring range: –50 to +650 °C (–58 to +1202 °F)

    • Pressure range up to 50 bar (725 psi)

    • Degree of protection: up to IP 68

Kenmerken en specificaties



  • Meetprincipe

    Resistance Temperature Detector

  • Characteristic / Application

    metric style

    modular temperature assembly

    universal range of application

    with neck

    incl. thermowell / protection tube (metal)

  • Terminal head

    TA30A - comfort hinged cover E+H - Alu - low lid - with display

    TA20AB - small lid with screews - Alu

    TA30EB - comfort screewed cover E+H - Alu - low lid

    Mignon Head - lid with screews - Alu

  • Thermowell / protection tube

    welded protection tube or to be used with thermowell

  • Insert / probe

    Basis Sensortechnologie

  • Outer diameter protection tube / Insert


    9x1,25 mm

    11x2 mm

  • Max. immersion length on request

    up to 1.000,0 mm (39'')

  • Material protection tube/ thermowell

    316L (1.4404)

  • Process connection




    M20x1.5, M27x2, M33x2

    Compression fitting:

    NPT1/2", G1/2", G1"


    DN25 DN40 B1

    ASME 1" 150 RF

    ASME 1" 300 RF

    ASME 1 1/2" 150 RF

    ASME 2" 150 RF

    ASME 2" 300 RF

  • Tip shape


  • Operating temperature range

    Basic PT100 TF:

    -50 °C …200 °C

    (-58 °F …392 °F)


    Typ K up to 600 °C (1.112 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    depending on the configuration

  • Accuracy

    Class A acc. to IEC 60751

    Class B acc. to IEC 60751

    Class standard acc. to ASTM E230

    Class 2 acc. to IEC 60584-2

  • Response time

    t90 around 100 s

    depending on configuration

  • Integration head transmitter

    yes (4 … 20 mA; HART)

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Accessoires / Spare parts

Order code
  • C
    • Order code 71367414

      Spare parts kit copper ring G1/2",(10 p)

      Verpakkingseenheid: 10 stuks

    • Order code 71367420

      Spare parts kit copper ring G3/4",(10 p)

      Verpakkingseenheid: 10 stuks

    • Order code 71367424

      Spare parts kit copper ring G1",(10 p)

      Verpakkingseenheid: 10 stuks

    • Order code 71367425

      Spare parts kit copper ring M20x1.5(10p)

      Verpakkingseenheid: 10 stuks

    • Order code 71111513

      Term.block DIN B (42mm) 3 term. 5 pc

    • Order code 71111514

      Term.block DIN B (42mm) 4 term. 5 pc

    • Order code 71111515

      Term.block DIN B (42mm) 6 term. 5 pc

    • Order code 71249291

      Warmtegeleidende pasta FDA-conform 30g

    • Order code 71312729

      Thermoconductive Paste HSC 340, 100g

    • Order code TK40-

      iTHERM TK40 knelfitting

      Hygiënisch ontworpen inlas knelfitting. Voor toepassing in de voedingsmiddelen-, dranken- en pharmaceutische indudtrie.

    • Order code XPT0001-

      Spare Part Kit Sealing for TK40 XPT0001

      Levering: 5 delen per set

    • Order code TA30A-

      Aansluitkop TA30A

      Aansluitkop voor aansluitblok of koptransmitter + optioneel display. Deksel: laag, scharnierend, optioneel met venster. Materiaal: aluminium Coating: polyester poeder-coating. Kleur: huis blauw, deksel grijs. Omgevingstemperatuur.: -50...150 oC. Beschermingsklasse: IP66/68, NEMA 4X.

    • Order code TA30EB-

      Terminal Head TA30EB

      Retainer voor klemmenblok of kop transmitter + optionele display. Deksel: laag, met schroefdraad, optioneel venster. Materiaal: Aluminium. Coating: Polyester poedercoating. Kleur: carrosserie blauw, afdekking grijs. Omgevingstemperatuur: -50...150°C (behuizing). Bescherming: IP66/68, NEMA 4X (behuizing).

    • Order code TT131-

      Thermowell TT131

    • Order code TS111-

      Insert iTHERM TS111

      Vervangbaar, metrische versie volgens DIN43735.

    • Order code TMT180-

      iTemp TMT180, koptransmitter Pt100

      Temperatuur transmitter, PC programmeerbaar. Toepassing: OTO. 2-draads 4-20mA. Foutreactie: NAMUR NE 43. Montage: kopvorm B, DIN EN50446. UL vermeld.

    • Order code TMT71-

      iTEMP TMT71, Transmitter 4-20mA

      2-draads temperatuurtransmitter. Enkele universele sensor-ingang. Galvanische isolatie 2kV (ingang/ uitgang). Toepassing: RTD, TC, TC, Ohm en mV. Fabrieksinstelling zonder extra specificatie:Pt100,4-draads,0...+100°C.

    • Order code TMT72-

      iTEMP TMT72, Transmitter HART

      2-draads temperatuurtransmitter. Eén universele sensoringang. Galvanische isolatie 2kV (in-/uitgang). Toepassing: RTD, TC, Ohm en mV. Fabrieksinstelling zonder extra specificatie: Pt100, 4-draads,0...+100°C

    • Order code TA20AB-

      Terminal Head TA20AB

      Terminal head for temperature assemblies, simple execution, lid fixed by screws. Inner geometry acc. to DIN EN 50446.