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Oil & Gas refinery by night

Good alternatives to mechanical meters

Increase safety, reliability & reduce maintenance costs

When first installed, mechanical meters work fine. But when assets are aging and the technology has reached its limits, maintenance costs rise. Precious time is spent on installed instruments' maintenance. By depending on the imperfections of the mechanical meter, your process remains stable. However, a break can lead to a complete production shutdown resulting in money lost and reduced safety and reliability. Replacing your aging technology is therefore key to avoid such a scenario.


USD/ hour

is the price for stopping the process completely, assuming a liquid flow velocity of 2.0 m/s, a standard DN 50/ line, a flow rate around 15,000l/ hour, with a value of 0.30 USD/ l.

Business administration on terminals

Ons aanbod

Our commitment to you is to support, service and optimize your process, wherever you are located. Based on our process knowledge and technical expertise, a uniform approach through clear procedures ensures that the work we conduct for you is done properly. Our instrumentation as well as our solutions and services will help you make fast decisions. Our offerings stand for:

  • Compliance with safety API 2350 recommendations

  • Reduced engineering, commissioning time and maintenance costs

  • Greater process availability & reliability

  • Increased product output - lowest total cost of ownership

  • Proof testing intervals up to 12 years

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  • Process map of a refining process ©Endress+Hauser

    The refining process

  • Process map of a distillation column in a refinery ©Endress+Hauser

    The distillation column

  • Process map of a vacuum distillation column in a refinery ©Endress+Hauser

    The vacuum distillation column

  • Process map of storage and transportation ©Endress+Hauser

    Storage and transportation

  • Process map of static custody transfer ©Endress+Hauser

    Static custody transfer tank

  • Process map of dynamic custody transfer ©Endress+Hauser

    Dynamic custody transfer

  • Overfill prevention system for a tank with chemicals -  process map with parameters ©Endress+Hauser

    Safely monitor your tank and prevent hazardous overflow with an intelligent system that is able to operate by itself.


Distillation column

All major processes in refinery are based on the heating and partial evaporation of hydro-carbons. Maximizing the feed rate of the crude distillation column while ensuring the mixture of crude types meets environmental specifications is a must. Modernizing your level measurement technologies can avoid costly shut downs. Guided wave radar (Levelflex) is your reliable alternative to displacers (compliance with API2350 – functional safety) as it is not affected by density and temperature changes.

Picture of distillation columns of a refinery

Vacuum distillation

Varying ambient temperatures in vacuum distillation often jeopardize measurement reliability. The mechanical and thermal impacts destroy the capillaries every 4-6 months. Avoid downtimes, due to faulty measurement, with a reliable technology like electronic DP. Process safety risks are then minimized due to architecture and design.

Picture of guided wave radar level mesurement in vaccum distillation column

Storage tanks

Floats are very often used in level applications because of their costs. Nevertheless, their reliability is affected by density variations, and they are prone to build-up over time which causes inaccurate or no (jamming/ blocking) measurement. This leads to high maintenance costs due to needed regular cleaning and dismantling, and proof testing is therefore time consuming and made difficult. Replace your floats with vibronic limit switches and gain in availability and safety.

  • Less time spent in maintenance, checking and cleaning

  • Self-monitoring device with SIL3 capabilities (compliance with API 2350)

  • Proof testing intervals up to 12 years

Picture of an array of storage tanks in a refinery

Fuel transfer

Existing flow meter technologies such as positive displacement (PD), turbine, variable area (VA or Rotameter) and differential pressure (DP) - once the best-fit or only solution for some applications - are no longer the only choice. Today, modern flow technologies such as vortex, ultrasonic and Coriolis offer a much more reliable alternative, especially when a plant's process needs improvement.

  • Intrinsic safe

  • Cost savings in respect of cabling work

  • Superior performance and less maintenance

  • Direct mass flow measurement

Picture of Endress+Hauser employee installing a Coriolis at a customer's plant

Meet an expert


At Endress+Hauser, we are driven by a spirit of innovation always having your benefits in mind. We make sure to provide you with the best solutions while ensuring process safety. Our experienced team of engineers help design and select the right meters for your critical measuring points. We believe in sustainable relationships and are here for the long haul.


is the number of patents filed in 2016


corresponds to the total cost of ownerships savings offered by the electronic dP.

10 million

metering devices installed worldwide

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