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Deltapilot S DB51

Product picture of: Deltapilot S DB51

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Kenmerken en specificaties



  • Meetprincipe


  • Characteristic / Application

    Pressure transmitter, for hydrostatic level measurement, flush mounted CONTITE-sensor with metallic measuring diaphragm Alloy C276 hermetically welded + safe humidity protection
    Rod version

  • Specialities

    full modularity

  • Supply / Communication

    3-wire analogue:
    15...20V DC
    4...20mA HART:
    11,5...30V DC
    9...24V DC
    Ex ia: 9...32V DC
    FOUNDATION Fieldbus:
    9...32V DC

  • Accuracy

    optional 0,1%

  • Long term stability

    0,1% of URL/6 months

  • Ambient temperature


  • Process temperature


  • Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit

    25bar (375 psi)

  • Pressure measuring range

    (1.5 psi...150 psi)

  • Main wetted parts

    Alloy C276

  • Process connection

    Flanges (DIN, ASME, JIS)

  • Max. measurement distance

    100m (328 ft) H2O

  • Communication

    3-wire analogue
    4...20 mA HART
    FOUNDATION Fieldbus

  • Certificates / Approvals

    WHG/overspill protection

  • Options

    digital display
    SS-, Aluminium- or Polyesterhousing

  • Application limits

    Measuring cell: Contite,
    condensate-proof, watertight,
    metal welded

    If pressurized, possibly use
    differential pressure measurement

    In case of an open tank or shaft use DB53 with mounting clamp.

    with two pressure
    transmitters (electronic dp).
    Observe ratio head pressure :
    hydrostatic pressure

Documenten / handleidingen / software

Accessoires / Spare parts

Order code
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      Connector M12x1,5 rechte uitvoering

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      O-ring 73,0 x 3,0 EPDM 60 +PTFE

      Usage: housing cover F6/F10, terminal compartment cover T3.

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      Mounting set CONTITE FKM sensor Viton

      Consists of: PC centering ring, retaining ring. Membrane protection cap. O-ring FKM Viton. Usage: FMB51/52/53. DB50/50A/50L/50S/51/51A/52/52A/53/53A.

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      Laspuntstuk G1-1/2, 316L

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    • Order code 52024470

      Weld-in adapter G1-1/2, 316L, 3.1

      Montageproces aansluiting G1-1 / 2. Materiaal: 316L. Inspectie cert. NL 10.204-3,1 materiaal. Gebruik: PMC71, PMP71, PMP75, FMB50/51/52, FMB70, PMC51, PMP51, PMP55.

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      Weld-in dummy, adapter G1-1/2

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    • Order code 942262-0000

      Weather protection cover F6/F10

      Material: PA. Usage: FTL70/FTL71.

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