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Making life easier and project handling faster

Detailed engineering, smooth procurement and reliable maintenance processes

At the production site in Gendorf, Germany, the chemical industry specialist Clariant relies on standardized automation solutions and appreciates Endress+Hauser’s all-in-one integrated packages.

The chemical industry specialist Clariant relies on standardized automation solutions. © Clariant AG

Clariant standardized their devices and manage and maintain the installed base by integrated solutions for e-procurement and operations.


  • Uniform and user-friendly technology

  • Reduction of costs and effort

  • Time-saving: 3-5 weeks when compared to the old system

  • Information is available whenever it is needed

  • Quick reaction in the event of a malfunction

The decisive factor was the high level of competence in e-procurement.

“The decisive factor was the high level of competence in e-procurement, as we wanted to put a special focus on finding solutions for more automated procurement processes.”

Konrad Eberhartinger, Leiter CC-EMR
Competence Center Elektro-, Mess- und Regeltechnik, Clariant AG

The challenge

In the past, handling measurement instrumentation was a time-consuming business. The facilities had a wide range of devices and technologies installed from a variety of instrument manufacturers across pressure, temperature, level and flow. Driven by the large sites at Höchst, Muttenz and Gendorf a process of standardization was undergone. Several suppliers were thoroughly investigated comparing specifications, limitations of components as well as the delivery and service performance.

Our solution

Endress+Hauser performed well in many areas. However, the decisive factor for Clariant was the competence in e-procurement, as they wanted to put a special focus on finding solutions for more automated procurement processes. Nowadays, over 4000 instruments measuring level, flow, temperature, pressure and analysis are operating here – assets that are managed and maintained with the help of an integrated FieldCare and W@M Enterprise software package.

Significant time savings by standardization

Thanks to standardization Clariant is able to process the project handling faster. Using the list of standard devices, copying the order codes into the SAP system, adapting the remaining device properties and then shooting off the order generally saves 3-5 weeks when compared to the old system. The sourcing process, which used to involve specification, tender, comparison and, finally, acquisition, is reduced to a minimum. For a project with 30 devices, the whole procedure takes just half a day.

Smooth processes throughout the whole life cycle

The detailed engineering, smooth procurement processes, reliable maintenance and, the traceability of the installed base are great arguments in favor of Endress+Hauser. In the old days, documents such as calibration reports had to be scanned and filed manually. Now, that information is available on W@M Enterprise whenever it is needed. It is of importance to Clariant that it is possible to identify each and every one of its devices and react quickly in the event of a malfunction.

Konrad Eberhartinger about the benefits of

  • FieldCare“Device configuration executed from one PC is effortless. The user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory. FieldCare has replaced other configuration systems.”

  • Life Cycle Management“This was a crucial point in our choice of Endress+Hauser. In the end, the combination of life cycle and purchasing price was the decisive factor.”

  • Training“We like the on-site product presentations. The instructions are in-depth and very much to the point, they always add to our product expertise.”