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Optimize heavy/ medium crude separation

Get higher quality crude and less maintenance

A higher quality crude and less maintenance in your process is now possible with our multiparameter guided wave radar technology. Often in separator applications, there is a rag layer (emulsion) which can cause challenges in accurate interface and overall level measurement. This technology is specifically designed to overcome these challenges.

Heavy/ medium crude oil separators ©iStockphoto/Strandperle

Benefits at a glance

  • No interruption in the measurement of the separation process

  • Easy installation and maintenance without any special tools

  • Higher quality crude oil

  • Multiparameter probe for interface measurement. Two current outputs for interface layer and overall level.


In medium and heavy crude separation (API 15° to 31° 870 to 960 kg/m3 (7.3 to 8 lb/gal)), it can be challenging to measure the overall level as well as the interface accurately with a single device. In these applications a rag layer (emulsion) often exists. If this rag layer exceeds 5 cm (2 inches), a standard guided wave radar device will not be able to measure the interface. And, a capacitance level device would only be able to show the level of the water - not the overall level.

Our solution

Our patented multiparameter guided wave radar device combines traditional guided wave radar technology with capacitance level technology - taking the advantages of each into one device. Once the rag layer (emulsion) has reached a thickness greater than about 5 cm (2 inches) - the sensor automatically switches into capacitance mode - so the interface is detected continuously.

Levelflex M FMP55 with a coaxial probe

Reliable measuring:

  • For interface with emulsion

  • In case of turbulent surface and foam

  • For changing media

  • High availability

  • Integrated data memory

  • Factory pre-calibrated

  • Intuitive, menu-guided operating concept in national languages

  • Simple integration into control or asset management systems

  • Exact instrument and process diagnosis to enable quick decisions

  • Approvals: ATEX, IEC Ex, FM, CSA