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FLEX: Lean

Lean Selection

Handle your core processes easily

Core processes are the foundation of your production. To achieve your goals, process control must be reliable and operate within given parameters Self-monitoring instruments are crucial for detecting interruptions or deviations to ensure a timely and proper response. Trust in your devices is thus essential. After all, you cannot afford to check them around-the-clock. In an ideal environment, you install the instruments and not worry about them anymore.


  • Standard products

  • Reliable

  • Robust

  • Low-maintenance

Thanks to our in-depth industry and process knowledge, we understand the challenges you face and how to develop robust and reliable products. Regardless of the industry they are used in, our products comply with national and international regulations when it comes to hazardous areas, functional safety and hygiene, among other aspects.

Technologies you can trust

Endress+Hauser has developed multiple technologies that help you gain more trust in your instruments and lower the maintenance effort. Thanks to comprehensive diagnostic and self-monitoring capabilities, our devices can track their own functional integrity, indicate malfunctions when they occur and provide guidance on corrective actions. We offer an abundance of measurement principles suited for any process environment to reduce or neutralize the impact of process conditions on the measurement.