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Protection tube for temperature sensors

Protection tube for temperature sensors ©Endress+Hauser

For use with resistance or thermocouple thermometers principally in heavy duty applications

This device is a metallic protection tube with threaded or flanged welded process connection. Thermometer connection is a metric or male thread, sizes are depending on tube diameters. A wide range of flange sizes according to common standards and materials for this device is available. Ideally, this leads to a wide range of flexible installations in heavy duty applications.

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  • Benefits

    • The stem shape can be straight or stepped for fast response time

    • A wide choice of pipe sizes, materials and process connections is available

    • Extension, immersion length and total length can be chosen according to process requirements

    • The process connection...

  • Field of application

    The TA541 is an industry standard protection tube, manufactured from pipe, with a round extension and is designed for use with resistance and thermocouple thermometers mainly in heavy duty applications.

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Fabricated Thermowell

  • Characteristic / Application

    metric style

    various process connections

    round extension

  • Head connection

    external thread:

    1/2" NPT

    3/4" NPT



  • Maximum standard immersion length

    4.000 mm (157,48")

  • Process connection


    1/2" NPT

    3/4" NPT

    1" NPT



    DN25 PN16 B1

    DN25 PN40 B1

    DN40 PN40 B1

    DN50 PN40 B1

    ASME 1" 150 RF

    ASME 1" 300 RF

    ASME 1" 600 RF

    ASME 1 1/2" 150 RF

    ASME 1 1/2" 300 RF

    ASME 1 1/2" 600 RF

    ASME 1 1/2" 600 RTJ

    ASME 1 1/2" 600 RTJ

    ASME 2" 300 RF

    ASME 2" 600 RF

    ASME 2" 300 RTJ

    ASME 2" 600 RTJ

  • Thermowell root diameter

    1/2" SCH40

    1/2" SCH80

    3/4" SCH40

    3/4" SCH80

  • Medium contact material

    1.4401 (316)

  • Wetted part finishing (Ra)

    < 1.6 ìm (63.00 ìin)

  • Tip shape



  • Temperature range

    -200...650 °C (-328...1.202 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    150 bar (2176 psi)

  • Max. process pressure at 400 °C

    depends on process connection

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