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2 documents
    • Short Instruction (KA)

    Mise en service omnigrad TST ..1

    • Short Instruction (KA)
    English version - 12/2004
    New version available in English

    EEx ia RTD Thermometer
    TST111, 121, 131, 141, 211, 221

    • Metrology

    Product family: Low cost RTD general purpose, Process RTD direct contact, PROCESS RTD EXPLOSION PROOF, Process RTD general purpose, PROCESS RTD HEAVY DUTY, RTD THERMOMETER ZONE "0"

    • Metrology
    Romanian version - 06/2006
    New version available in English

    Product root: TST10-, TST11-, TST110-, TST111-, TST12-, TST120-,
    TST121-, TST130-, TST131-, TST140-, TST141-, TST210-, TST220-, TST221-,
    TST262-, TST264-, TST310-, TST410-, TST414-, TST42-, TST420-, TST72-,
    TST80-, TST90-
    Region: Romania
    Approval agency: BRML