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TU51 Weld-in thermowell, US style

TU51 Weld-in barstock thermowell, US style

Thermowell with weld-in process connections and round extension

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3 documents
    • Technical Information (TI)

    TU51, TU52, TU53 and TU54

    • Technical Information (TI)
    English version - 01/2021
    New version available in English

    Heavy duty - general purpose thermowell made ofdrilled barstock material

    • EU Declaration

    Product family: Accessories: Bar stock thermowell, Accessories: Housing, ACCESSORIES: PIPE THERMOWELL, Accessories: RTD insert, ACCESSORIES: TC INSERT, ACCESSORIES: THERMOWELLS, Accessories: Inserts, PLUGS TC DIRECT CONTACT, Terminal head

    • EU Declaration
    English version - 05/2017
    New version available in English

    Product root: GPTC-, MLTWS01-, OTA30A-, OTA30D-, OTA30H-, OTW92-, OTW93-, OTW94-, OTW95-, OTW96-, TA20A-, TA20B-, TA20D-, TA20J-, TA20R-, TA20W-, TA21E-, TA21H-, TA30A-, TA30D-, TA30H-, TA30P-, TA30R-, TA30S-, TA414-,TA535-, TA540-, TA541-, TA550-, TA555-, TA556-, TA557-, TA560-, TA562-, TA565-, TA566-, TA570-, TA571-, TA572-, TA575-, TA576-, TEC300-, TET300-, TET90-, TPC100-, TPC200-, TPC300-, TPR100-, TPR300-, TS111-, TT411-, TT511-, TU111-, TU121-, TU211-, TU221-, TU51-, TU52-, TU53-, TU54-, TU67-, TW10-, TW11-, TW12-, TW13-, TW15-, TW251-, TWF11-, TWF16- Declaration number: EC_00544_01.17

    • Pressure Equipment

    Product family: Accessories: Pipe thermowell, PROCESS RTD EXPLOSION PROOF, PROCESS RTD HYGIENIC, Process TC explosion proof, PROCESS TC HEAVY DUTY, TC HEAVY DUTY

    • Pressure Equipment
    English version - 08/2018
    New version available in English

    Product root: T13-, T14-, T53-, T54-, TH13-, TH14-, TH27-, TH53-, TH54-, TU51-, TU52-, TU53-, TU54-, TU55-, TU67- Region: Canada, Canada (CRN) Approval agency: CRN